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About Expanko Cork Flooring

Expanko, best known for high quality cork flooring, also offers floating floor, recycled rubber and cork/rubber flooring, as well as other types of cork products. At Expanko we are dedicated to offering innovative, environmentally friendly products which are durable, comfortable and easy to maintain.


Cork is the bark of the Cork Oak tree. The trees, grown in the Mediterranean Region, have a life span ranging from 150-250 years. After the first 25 years of growth, the tree is stripped of its bark for the first time, using traditional hand labor methods. This process is repeated every nine years henceforth, at no
time affecting the health of the tree. During each harvest, no more than 50% of the bark is removed, allowing the tree to protect itself using its natural defenses. Chemical pesticides and fertilizers are not typically used in the cork forest.


The Benefits of Cork
Resilience - The resilience of cork is due to the unique cellular structure, which consists of over 2.4 million air-filled cells per cubic inch. Because approximately 80% of cork is air, it can recover up to 100% of its original dimension when compressed with pin pointed pressure. The resilience
gives users a floor that is comfortable to walk on causing less stress to the back and feet.

Unparalleled Durability - The durability of cork can be attributed to the finish, resilience and structure of the cork tiles. The finish that is applied to the surface protects it from moisture, chemicals, dirt and other damaging materials. The resilience of the floor aids in its durability because it tends to "give" which helps to resist scratching and denting. Many floors remain in service today after more than 80 years of commercial use.

Environmentally Friendly - Cork flooring is made from the bark of the Cork Oak tree. The bark is stripped from the cork tree every nine years inflicting no damage upon the tree (cork is truly a renewable resource - unlike wood floors where the tree must be cut down). In addition, chemicals are rarely if ever used in the production of the cork trees either for pest control or fertilizer. To produce the cork tiles Expanko uses 80-100% postproduction waste generated from wine stopper and other cork production. Additionally, waste generated from production is granulated and used to power the ovens that bake the floor tile.

Excellent Acoustical Properties - Cork is very quiet to walk on making it an excellent flooring choice in public areas such as libraries and churches. It is an excellent sound insulator helping to reduce sound echo in a room as well as reducing sound transfer between rooms.

Rich Natural Look - Expanko products are not covered with vinyl or other finishes which hide the natural beauty of the material. Cork has a unique and natural look to it complementing classic and contemporary designs. With its natural shade variations and our ability to custom manufacture, Expanko cork flooring allows vast opportunities in floor design.

Non-Toxic - Because cork is a natural product, it is non-toxic and does not contain odors and chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.

Easy Installation and Maintenance - Cork can be installed using Expanko’s proprietary system on plywood and concrete sub-floors. Damp mopping with a mild detergent is all that is necessary to maintain a cork floor. Cork does not stain easily or require scrubbing or cleaning with harsh chemicals. Like hardwood, periodic reapplication of finish is recommended.

Suitable for Both Commercial and Residential Application - Because of the durability of cork, it is suitable for both commercial and residential installation.